Seeing Tony Hawk on a hoverboard is really cool. It knocks my socks off! Just as of late Tony made a deception on a fake hoverboard and that viral video feature circulated around the web. This time he is riding one seriously!

Just a couple of years back while viewing the motion picture, Back to the Future, I needed one of these so terrible! I contemplated how cool it would be to voyage a hoverboard all over town. I particularly enjoyed the piece of the motion picture where Michael J Fox is discarding spooks on his hoverboard.

It appears the innovation has arrived however not yet refined enough for standard. It seems to need a charge peculiarity or something to that affect as Tony simply wobbles around on it a bit. I might want to have a hoverboard and push a switch in my grasp to go ahead or brake. That I could do. Maybe journey the hoverboard over a lake on a still day or ride the hoverboard to work rather than my bicycle. That would be grand.

I have constantly longed for a hoverboard. I have constantly loved Tony Hawk and admiration his aptitudes on a skateboard. I mean he is basically a GOD in the skateboarding scene. Seeing Tony ride a hoverboard is really wild.

I’m not certain whether to feel old or content seeing this feature. Possibly both.

I was a youth long back longing for riding a hoverboard. To really see a hoverboard in real life and to see Tony Hawk ride one is similar to enchantment.

It appears they have to work out a few wrinkles for equalization and steadiness in light of the fact that if Tony is wobbling on that thing then I will definitely have some major snags attempting to ride it. He is a master rider. I am an amateur. You can work out the math. I would presumably consume soil on that hoverboard.

Simply provide for me a hoverboard that I can voyage over a lake like a skateboard and you will win me over. I will purchase 10 hoverboards and send them out as endowments if that day ever comes.

I envision all my buddies and companions here in Whistler would love to have a hoverboard to use for endeavors when not on the slopes. At that point accessible hoverboards will make incredible Holiday blessings.

See the video of Tony trying out the hoverboard here: Tony Hawk Hoverboard Video

Check out more about the new Tony Hawk Hoverboard over at the manufacturer website

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